A doctor in your

Ground-breaking sensor technology
delivers clinically accurate
heart activity monitoring
anytime, anywhere.

Recommended by doctors.

Clinically tested and approved! ECGalert accurately diagnoses your heart's health, doctors say.

Designed by experts.

Beautifully engineered without compromising functionality. It's as beautiful to look at as it is to use.


Anatomically designed not to obstruct in the natural movements of the body, even during sport activities. You won't feel it's even there!


Waterproof up to depth of 1m. Designed to be worn in the shower.

Long battery life.

The battery will grant you continuous use up to 7 days.

get started

1. Install application.

Download the application on your smart device, and enter all necessary information.

2. Attach sensor on body.

Stick the electrodes on the chest over clean skin.

3. Record ECG.

Start recording ECG. The results shown on screen may be printed or shared.

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